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My ipod neo installed in my 02 escalade

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I just got my iPod neo from installed yesterday. Overall it works very nicely! I ran the wire into the glovebox for now, I will run it under the cupholders/ashtray into the console this weekend when I have more daylight time. The installation requires you sacrifice your 6 disc changer, but that isn't a big deal to me considering I never use it. It lets you control the ipod with your steering wheel controls and the head unit, so you can leave the iPod hidden unless you want to manually change playlist/song.

It reads on the headunit as disc 1 track x, so each time you hit next the number just keeps bumping up. This is an awesome kit and the installation was incredibly easy!! I really recommend this to you guys with iPods.

I would post pics but it would essentially show my ipod in my glove box with a white cord attached to the data port.
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Do you need an aftermarker unit to hook up your ipod?
Nope, mine is the factory default head unit with the tape deck from the 02's.
Ive been thinking of adding this myself, thanks for sharing your experience.

Is there anyway to split the output so both the iPod and CD changer can be used?
the neo has a "Y" setup, so both can be used. I foudn that when I connected both, the CD(s) would play simultaneously while the ipod did. Perhaps if you burned a CD full of empty soundless songs it would give you the desired effect until you wanted to listen to a CD. I'm not sure.
By the way, they said the reason it has the "Y" setup is for cars with rear entertainment setups, usually it is left unconnected.
Is it hard to remove the factory head unit? How did you remove it and put it back together?
Very very easy, just remove the dash trim piece, pull the radio out and install the neo. It fits nicely behind the head unit.
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