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My insurance runs out tomorrow and I have to go back to driving the FORD :(

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Blah! Well the story starts by me being 17 years of age. My insurance runs out tomorrow and I decided I wanted to save up some money a little faster than I have been able to since I got my Caddy. Heh heh, I just realized how bratty I sound, being 17 and having two of my own cars :halo: but the Ford is just so.... well you guys all know what I'm getting at. Its an old 84' Sh*tbox LTD compared to the slickness of my 1970 Sedan Deville. Before everyone chimes up about how ungrateful I am for owning two cars at 17, I must also say that I work very hard and paid for both cars myself, I have to pay for insurance and gas myself as well, my parents do not pay for anything that they deem unnecessary (Unfortunately for me this includes post-secondary education). Does anybody have any helpful suggestions or wish to share experiences of going through the Cadillac withdrawl that I am about to go through? :crying2:
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Sell the Ford, use the money to pay the bills on the Caddy!
do what you gota do brother. If it means driving the ford around so maybe you can have some cash to spend on the Deville then go for it. You got two more cars then i do right now...iam 20 lol...ok well i got one on order....
I had 3 cars at age 16 :)

5 if you count the 2 Grand Am's I never registered :)
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At one time i had 2 coupe devilles....but one was a parts car....
I had 3 cars when I was 16 too, the 75, my old 78, and a Dodge Omni...

Anyway what you should do is try to get classic car insurance on that 70. You'd almost assurredly have to get it done through one of your parents though and there is a mileage limit. You'd end up paying much less.
Thats true, I pay about $180/year for the '79, libility and comprehensive (no collision) the mileage limit is supposed to be 2,000 miles/year or something, but my broker guy is real cool and told me not to worry about it.

I have classic car insurance thru State Farm, my regular insurance compnay, I also have life insurance thru them (I actually save by having multi line) Now that the Olds is off the road, it is just the 2 DeVille's, as long as you have another car besides the classic to drive to work and stuff, it's fine... and I have had this (all 3 cars) under my own name since 16.

Also, REALLY good place, no mileage limit, depending on your state it'll be dirt cheap, or a tad bit more, full coverage and YOU set the value of your car, so if it gets totaled, thats how much you get (of course your rate varies accordingly)

So in your case, if you drive the other car... atleast check out Hagerty... who knows, for $250/year or less you could be driving the classic Cad :)
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Thats a good idea about the Classic car insurance, and next time I insure I will look into it more. But for now, where I live (Canada) in order to get classic insurance your car has to pass a rigorous inspection which I could not hope to pass until I spend a bit more time and money on the Caddy, hopefully between now and next time I need to insure I can get that done. As for selling the LTD and spending the money on the Cad, the LTD is probably only worth 500 bucks, to me its worth more as cheap transport than it is as 500 bucks (at least right now).
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