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My guess on the new sts

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Here's my gues for the 2005 STS

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Looks like a CTS with Lexus LS400 wheels
It looks like a good guess to me.. They're all starting to look somewhat like the CTS...

I had originally posted this on the Seville/Eldo forum...

Then I posted one in this, the future-concept-rumors forum.

A couple days later this post was moved to the future-concept-rumors forum...

So, when you see basically the same post in two places please excuse.

Leloz said:
Looks like a CTS with Lexus LS400 wheels

Those are LS430 Wheels, and the door handles are from the LS 430.

As I mentioned in the other post:
"It is clear that Cadillac is using the same look for every vehicle in their I took a CTS put it in photoshop, and cut out sections, distorted them and reattached them to the car.

The platform for the STS is the same as the CTS which is why I used the CTS as a base. Extended the overhangs, rounded it out just a little, put on some larger wheels (increased the size of wheel wells too) and there you have it.

Like I said, it's my "guess".

Here's the two together.

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