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This was more of a "who can weave through the leaves faster" between me on my way home from a 6am-2 shift at work in a '93 60 special, and a mid 80s buick lesabre. I just pulled along side him at the stop sign and he took my fast jump off the stop because i wanted to get home as "this guy in a (he probably thought it was a sedan deville) doesnt respect mid-80s buick lesabres". As I was on the right lane, I had to weave in and out of the way of enormous piles of leaves and he tried unsuccessfully each time to block my weave. Speed did not get above 60 and the road was bascially empty, so I enjoyed the time we spent together. As I was clearly car lengthS ahead of him, his agressiveness wore off and he stopped attempting to catch up. I'll take your Buick now as a winter car, LeSabre. Isn't that how street races work, or was "The fast and the furious" not a true story? I thought it was (said sarcastically).
Jacob Hoppe
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