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My car and lights wont turn off... help

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ok this is on my 92 cadillac sts... maybe you guys can tell me what is going on. Yesterday as it began to darken outside I notice my parkking lights were on so i go inside and look but the switch is on the off position, I unlock and lock my car from my alarm remote but it would only turn them off for a few seconds and stay on. I then get in my car and start it but when i tryed to turn it off and took out the key it stayed on... it took almost 15min to turn off... so now my lights wont go off and when i turn on my car it stays on... for the time being i disconnected my battery... what can be wrong??
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my best guess is the remote start. i had troubles like this on my 99 SLS. do you have remote start? if so, the button may be stuck on the remote (my problem). also if you have remote start, shut off that option via the toggle switch inside.
Was that any help?
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