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My a/c cooled front seats don't work anymore!

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My cooled seats on my 2007 Escalade no longer has 70K miles, so out of warranty....What should I check for? The control display shows the fan on, but no fan noise or cooling coming through...Thanks
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Same thing just happened on my '07 EXT. Mine is still under under warranty. They had it for 4 days trying to figure this one out. They replaced the unit that does the blowing (fan) and it still didn't work. I believe I heard them say something about there being 2 seperate units, one for the driver and one for the passenger. They replaced both of them i guess, but I wasn't really paying attention and didn't really care since it was under warranty.

Turned out to be a problem in the wiring harness itself up under the dash somewhere. (or so they claim) Works like a champ now.
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