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My '92 deVille v. Jesda's '90 Q45! Grandpa's cruiser v. The Japanese 7 series.

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So Jesda, Tanner and I were driving back to our hotel yesterday after the car show at Porky's, and somehow Jesda and I get next to each other at a stoplight. I had my windows down, as did he and he shouted over "let's race"....

I got him off the line, well sorta. I spun the tires until about 30mph, but I stayed pretty much right next to him, then at about 40 or so, the Q's 4.5L DOHC engine kicked in and I was in the dust! We only took it to 50-55 before we got on the brakes. It was kinda funny, usually, when I floor it off the line, the tires catch and I'm out moving. I've never seen it spin the tire(s) into the 30mph range before, especially on a straight road. I glanced down and saw the speedo JUMP to 20 from 0 then pull like normal to 50. I've never seen that before! And at about 25 mph, the steering wheel started shaking pretty bad, but it only did that for a second then it straightened out (just an imperfection in the road surface, along with the spinning tire(s) I'd assume...)

It was fun though, it ended the way I thought it would. OHV low end torque off the line, massive DOHC top end pull in the end.
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Werd. I heard a bunch of tire squealing and I was like "WTF, is that me?"

Nice low-end grunt on that 4.9. The power comes on in waves rather than bursts.
pictures? :D
Why did yall wait until after we left to do this?
It wasn't really planned, just an impromptu race. In hindsight, we should have done it in that abandoned Target parking lot that we all met up in on Saturday Afternoon...
good race!
I didnt know a 90 Q45 would be that quick!
Yeah, they're kinda forgotten....the early models look a lot like a Maxima, but go like stink! 278hp and 292 lb/ft of torque! I think the magazine road tests got 0-60 times in the high 6 second range back in the day!
I just don't like the bland and boring interiors....
I just don't like the bland and boring interiors....
Zuzu driver says wha?:thepan:
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Zuzu driver says wha?:thepan:
alright, let me explain that....

Bland interiors are OK on bare basic off-road trucks. Not on high end luxury cars.
We must have done this at 4 stoplights in a row. I cant believe there wasn't a cop around.
I know man lol, for all of the stoplights I was behind you, when we were coming home from Porkys, you guys were peeling out at EVERY one! LOL! I was so excited to finally line up next to Jesda.
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