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My $40.00, Four Inch Air Intake

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Correction, that's $40.00 less the K&N air filter. I have no idea if the performance is any better than a 3.5" tubes performance, but I thought I would give it a try. Perhaps not as clean as the production models but the price is right and it works better than that plastic snorkle of a stock tube.
Thought I'd share.


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Can i see some pictures.
i tried to put together an intake, and cuplers, and an elbow alone cost me $60 (from eBay)
Yeah I thought it was attached. Again I will try.


By the way I'm not trying to sell just share.
Don't know why attachment won't work. :hmm:


I too made up a 4 inch intake. Bought necessary parts from The critical, hard-to-find part is the elbow to the throttle body. I used a 90 degree 4" to 3.5" elbow.
I already had a Lingenfelter and used some of the Lingenfelter parts, namely the short silicon hose.
I removed the screen on the MAF. Note, the Corvette has no such screen, probably because intake air makes a straight shot to the MAF from the air filter. On the CTS-V there is a 90 degree bend from the air filter to the MAF.
I moved the MAF closer to the throttle body, and attached it to the 90 degree elbow. Now I have at about 12-15 inch tube before the MAF to straighten air flow.
It is unlikely that any aftermarket mfg will try to market the MAF relocation as it required me to cut in an extension five-wire set to the MAF. The plugs to the MAF are proprietary, and will be very hard to find and purchase. Hence, I don't see an aftermarket mfg trying to relocate the MAF because they will not be able to offer an extension wire set. I tried to attach a photo, but could not because my photo file is too large. I will email photos to Reed.
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Thanks, it's pretty straight foreward how to attach pics, but for what ever reason my pic ain't postin. Even though it shows up below after I browse and attach it, I hate that! bmp file 185kb

But thanks, I am not being sarcastic.:thumbsup:
I'll send it to reed.

urbanski said:
hot topics first post, how to post pics
you can also email them to Reed [email protected]


Ok last fricken try, if no pict then to reed.


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Looks good. The in-engine/in-fender, “hot” air/cold air debate is almost as controversial as exhaust note preference!
I moved the MAF closer to the throttle body, and attached it to the 90 degree elbow.
Why did you move the MAF closer? Wouldn't it be easier to keep it where it was?
The reason I moved the MAF is that I wanted a straight length of tubing before the MAF to straighten/smooth airflow. I also removed the MAF screen, which is used to straighten/smooth airflow after it makes a 90 degree turn from the air filter.
Note, on newer Corvettes there is no MAF screen because the airflow path to the MAF is comparatively straight.
You can and I did remove the MAF screen without relocating the MAF. I did not notice a material power increase when I relocated the MAF.
Did you get any error messages on the dash after removing the MAF screen? I remember someone here removed the screen and got an error message. Maybe your straightening of the air flow path before the MAF (i.e. MAF relocation) did the trick to prevent the error message?
Relocating the MAF seems to be a move of extremely diminishing returns to me, but I like your idea of a $40 CAI mod. I think I'll do the same and pass on the Volant CAI. I doubt the official aftermarket CAI mods provide that much increased performance results over the home-made version, unless someone here can refute me. As StealthV states on his site, "Why throw away a well-engineered component you already paid for?"
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