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My $35 HID Fog Lights are installed...

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When I purchased the truck it already had the HID headlights. I figured I would buy the HID fog lights to match. $35 SHIPPED from ebay and it came in 2 days. Installation went very smooth. I have had the kits on 3 of my cars and never had issues for years.

Well enough talk, here are the pics! Waiting for night time to take more :)

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Hey slowstang305.... did you receive instructions with your order? I received mine on Friday and there were no instructions in the box ?? I haven't tried to install them yet but is it that strightforward that you do not need instructions?
I hear ya with the stuck in the office deal!!!

I am sure that I can figure it out but with pics it would be that much easier. I would like to see how you set yours up. Thansk! :thumbsup:
I got these installed so no worries on the pictures. They look good. Where did you mount your ballasts? I mounted mine on top of the fog light bracket.
So I have had this HID fog light conversion kit installed for two months and now noticed that both fog lights no longer work. Quick check of the fuse seems to show no problems. I will check out the ballasts probably tonight.

slowstang, any issues with yours?

I am starting to think I got what I paid for here....
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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