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My $35 HID Fog Lights are installed...

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When I purchased the truck it already had the HID headlights. I figured I would buy the HID fog lights to match. $35 SHIPPED from ebay and it came in 2 days. Installation went very smooth. I have had the kits on 3 of my cars and never had issues for years.

Well enough talk, here are the pics! Waiting for night time to take more :)

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Kenwood indash... Tomorrow going to hook up a PS3 to the rear monitors, details to come hehe
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No idea about the headlights, the fogs are 6000k
The car is sitting on an incline, thats why they look blinding. But they are pointed down so it wont blind people.

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Hes got a couple of different things, look through his other items to see if you find what you are looking for. Shipping was super fast also, came in 2 days.
Well since I already had the headlight HID's it was already pretty bright. I have to say they did make things a little brighter. The more prominent reason as to why I went ahead with the swap was because I was tired of looking at the yellow stock bulbs. Just made the truck look super old.
Sure man they are from ebay

Here is a link to the ebay link on where I purchased it from.
The sellers name is dealtime321 and it came in 2 days. Super fast and great service!
Yeah its super super easy. No instructions needed. You just plug the bulb into the socket where the original one is. Then remember the ballast supplies power to the bulb so it goes between the bulb and the stock wiring. If you want I can get you some pictures tomorrow morning from underneath my truck. I can show you where I mounted the ballasts also. I'm stuck in the office all day today.
Hey, sorry I havent been able to get the pics. My truck is in the shop for a few days getting some minor details taken care of. I should have it back tomorrow. I hope! :(
Ah that makes sense. I mounted mine in a similar areas. As long as they are in an area that stays pretty dry you will be ok. They claim they are waterproof but you know how that goes.
I was having issues with that. I need to redo the sources on the TV's as it was wired terribly by the previous owner.
No issues here. I have the headlight kit and the foglight kit. I also have the same kit on an F150 for both headlights and foglights. Also the same kit on an expedition headlight. And the same kit on 2 mustangs both headlights and foglights. Never an issue. Both would not burn out at the same time, ballasts would go separately. I would plug the OEM bulb and make sure your wiring is fine.
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