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My 2-year old is a NASCAR fan

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I cannot believe this. I have a 2 year old good ol' boy. I turned on the tv to get one of his cartoons going on dvr, this evening's nascar race happened to be on, and when his cartoon replaced it, he actually whined to get it back. Then he sat there, totally entranced. :nono: I am sure it was all the bright colors and graphics. Probably looked like the movie Cars.
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My kid LOVES the movie cars. Does that count as the same thing? Perhaps that's how your kiddo got started? :D
I love the movie "Cars".
I plan on putting on Formula 1 the next time I can find it on TV. At least that's respectable motor racing. He probably wont like it though. Not as colorful. I have to say though, we were watching it in HD, the detail is amazing. You could actually see sparks coming off the cars.
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