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94' Seville
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I had just got my1994 Cadillac SeVille back up in running after much hard work. It was purring like a kitten; and seemed almost too good to be true (and it was! Just as I was pulling into my neighborhood; the engine started making a variety of unusual noises; which included knocking, ratteling, and squeaking. On top of that; it blew a PCV valve in the process due to the violent vibration of the engine.

I had it towed to a shop; where they checked it out with a scope; and the ran it for a bit. In that process; the vibration busted the starter motor. The itemized list of damages I recieved consisted of a cylinder not recieving compression due to a valve failing to close, a loose item (probably a dropped exhaust valve in another combustion chamber), a bent rocker arm, and a crank arm knocking against the cylinder wall.

Long story short; after 172,600 miles, my engine bit the dust! Now I am faced with the dilema of putting in a rebuild or used engine; or just selling my prized SeVille to a junk yard. After a long bout of unemployment my financial resources are limited. Another problem is finding a reliable engine to fit that car.

I have researched OE rebuilds, used low mileage engines, and even swaping out the drivetrain with a different type of engine and transmission altogether. I have not had much luck on either front. If anyone has any suggestions; I'm all ears.
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