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My 1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville

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Here is the 84 Coupe Deville that I bought for $500. It sat for six years, needs some new bumper fillers and brakes. I just changed the oil and did a coolant flush. Other than that it seems to function pretty good. Here is the link
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Cool, they're such beautifiul cars! Welcome to the club of gentlemen, gentlemen.
Looks pretty darn good for $500. It'll look great once you get the body fillers in place. Can you post some pics of the interior?

these were taken after


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I'd say very well bought for $500. A steal, in fact. The interior looks pristine!
yea normal wear, faded carpet, chrome trim peal nothing major though headniner bubbles
Looks good except for the motor and the fillers but thats an easy fix on both counts. Good score!. Best of luck. :thumbsup:
Real nice, White has always been one of my favorite colors on the Caddy, but it, like my metallic blue, are hard colors to stay looking clean!! Good luck!!
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