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My 1972 Suburban has a Cadillac 500 V8

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Just picked up a new car last weekend. The guy told me it was a 1972 Suburban with a rebuilt 350 V8. When I got down there I opened the hood and instantly knew it wasn't a 350. I've owned 2 different Cadillac big block cars in my life...a 1968 Fleetwood limousine with a 472 and a 1970 Coupe De Ville also with a 472. I found the receipts for the engine rebuild which was done in 2003. Right on the top line it says "rebuild Cadillac 500". The engine looks brand new. He claimed it probably has less than 10k miles since rebuild. It has an Accel HEI and Edlebrock aluminum intake. All I can tell you is I'm 28 years old, owned 15 fast cars and this beast of a truck scared me it is so fast. I'll post some pics later if anyone cares to see it. The truck is really cool, it's an old Huntington Beach cruiser, Aqua blue dropped on torque thrusts. I'm going to put some money into it and get the rest of the truck as clean as the drivetrain.
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Wow..... what a lucky find! Definitly something to hold onto there.
That's awesome! I'm sure it has tons of torque!
Awesome! That is the engine I want to put in the wagon one day :thumbsup:
Wow, sounds like you have got a Huntington Beach Badboy there. Pics please.
Pics are up

Ok ok, I got my lazy butt out and snapped some camera phone pics for you all. I'm not even going to tell you how little I paid for this bad boy, it might make you cry.:)

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Crap! That's a good looking truck!!! I like it!
That thing is gorgeous, love the old school trucks but that one is sweet!!. Enjoy it!.
That is a sweet old school 'burb!:thumbsup:
So that's what a '72 Suburban looks like..... Sweet!
Man I love it! It really makes me miss my old 71 K-5. That truck was a beast.
Very nice! Looks like it is supposed to be that way.
Quick invent words to describe it, we're running outta compliments!

That's fantasgreat!

Your motto should be, "I can pass anything but a gas station" That truck must have gobs of power.
that's wierd...a friend of mine back in Reno Nevada bought a 4x4 older suburban and it had a 500 in it too. We put a lift on it and 35's and that damn thing went through deep snow like no other...hood high that thing would just keep pushing it. It was dry ass drift snow but it blew through where my powerstroke wouldn't go.
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