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a few weeks into STS ownership now, loving the car, but it sure is starting to feel like a "lemon". Not slamming the car or having buyers remorse, just MY typical crap luck excerting its influence.
When I test drove this car everything was great, no issues what-so-ever. Now I seem to be experiencing about every known issue these cars have, many just started last week.

Seat Squeak - I tore apart the seat as the sound was coming from up in the back of the seat. Got to a point I found plastic rubbing. I put cloth in between pieces and it stopped. Got seat back together and the creaking is back. Looked at it allot more and I now see the seat surround rubs on the plastic rail cover, left side rear of drivers seat. I see a very slight movement to rail. Looked at a bunch of seat threads, is there one with any pictures of the "washer" alignment or "rubber tubing" fixes so I could try these and not have to try and convince the stealer it is an issue on a car long out of warranty?

Shift to park. Car is now saying shift to park, at 1st it did this for a week and was not causing any problems, now the car does not want to turn off from accy's mode. I have jiggled handle etc, it does not help. Worth note, the Dash says the car is in Park already, but the computer thinks it is not. Does the computer read off the switch in the console or the tranny itself for this? I am wondering if adjusting the linkage to the tranny or not as I have seen that as an option to try?

Tire sensor - This morning on the way to work suddenly the LR tire sensor stopped reporting and then the DIC read an error about the system nor working. It worked at the 1st 9 miles, but right as I got to work it thru up the error. Will see what happens on the trip home, I can live without tire monitor for short term, not sure happy with the tires, so they may be getting replaced this summer anyway. Any tricks to re-awaken them myself? I think I saw something about letting all air out of the tire and then refilling?

Any links or tips/pictures on some of these would be appreciated.
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