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Motor mount change 1985 FWD Seville

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I am having a mechanic he's just an all around backyard mechanic not a cadillac tech or anything like that change motor mounts on my FWD seville. The manual doesn't give much info on changing the FWD mounts. My question is does the diff have to be unbolted from the engine when the motors jacked up and where is a good jacking point with out bending or breaking anything and any other tips from someone who knows about this would be helpful..
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The mounts are really hard to get at on these cars. Its not like old RWD cars. I've seen people do it but so much work.

Google for "engine support bar" its basically a hoist that lays across the strut towers and lets you separate the engine from the trans and subframe. On my shopping list.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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