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When it comes to pampering two black Cads, Mothers polishes, waxes,
interior conditioners work the best.I tried Meguires, 3 M products, even Liquid Glass.Mothers products out of California will ship your cleaning needs to your home by calling them direct or on-line.I trusted their waxes for 15 years and tried others in between, but i keep coming back and using Mothers.The leather conditioner and leather cleaner works great.As the waxes go, the liqiud carnuba is what works the best.I apply
the wax back and forth NOT IN CIRCLES. Same as taking off. It leaves circle marks and when the sun hits it you notice the swirly marks.The sealer is hot stuff too. When washing, dry off with micro fiber cloths.I found that it does not leave that scratchie surface look on the clear coat.Web is With highest regards! :cool:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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