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Most Cost Efficient Way to Purchase Rear Shock Absorbers 2006 STS w/FE3 Suspension

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What is the best site to purchase the rear shock absorbers for the STS? I saw GMpartsdirect had them for ~$400 each. If my memory serves me correctly, that site charges a fortune in shipping. Any other options out there?

The work looks pretty straightforward so I was planning to do it myself.
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FE3/F55 ?

Thank you. I looked at a couple of those places. Shocks are less than gmpartsdirect, but still expensive...
Thank you for the responses. I went with rockauto.

Is there a trick to get the stubborn air line off the rear shocks?? I'm talking about the black line that is on the side of the shock. It's frozen or something.
Cut it off at the nipple
And after it's cut, will I be able to reinstall on the new shock?
I cut them. These aren't just like any air line. There's a small o-ring inside the old shock. Dig it out and put it back on the air line to reinstall to prevent fluid leaking and create the seal for the compressor..
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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