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Most Cost Efficient Way to Purchase Rear Shock Absorbers 2006 STS w/FE3 Suspension

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What is the best site to purchase the rear shock absorbers for the STS? I saw GMpartsdirect had them for ~$400 each. If my memory serves me correctly, that site charges a fortune in shipping. Any other options out there?

The work looks pretty straightforward so I was planning to do it myself.
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FE3/F55 ? Look through Stay away from Arnott and Strutmasters.

Maybe talk with Luke in parts at Lindsay Cadillac in Alexandria, VA - one of our long-time Vendors - up there ^^^ in the Vendor forums.
The Lord/DELPHI MRC is not a cheap suspension system. The sensors and control electronics alone cost a bundle. The struts and shocks respond to a dizzying array of inputs. The fluid goes from 5W hydraulic oil to thick jelly and back in less than .001 second.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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