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I finally got beat :(

Yep, I got taken down by a 240SX which I assume had an SR20DET swap, or a turbo kit on his KA24DE. I had him in first even though he got the better reaction off of the stoplight, but started pulling on me after the 1-2 shift. Not by alot though, but still disgraceful.

Later on I'm next to a newer Cavalier and I do the same thing, I get him all the way up to 60, but then he pulls in front of me and my front bumper is at his door, at about 75 I start to pull on him until I hit 112. We then get behind traffic and I see a pair of older Jetta sedans come up behind us, I let the Cav over to get in front of the car in front of him, and the silver Jetta shoots up and around in the third lane. At this point I'm doing 70 and nail it again, and take off past both of them when the black Jetta with the V6 comes up on my ass, swings in front of the Cavalier, and I hit the speed limiter again, so he went on past.

Had it not been for the speed limiter I could've taken the Jettas I think. I never knew that the 4.9 had the top end to compete with those higher revving import cars.
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