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2014 Standard SrX grey/black 2006 GTO
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The much maligned 3.0L v6 is not that bad after all on long trips.
EPA HWY rating of 27 mpg should be at least 28 mpg or even 29 mpg.
Charleston,SC to Amelia Island, Fla. via Savannah for lunch and back again.
27.4 mpg!!
Impressive considering the city driving done in savannah and idling for 20 minutes in a parking garage. Driving around amelia island for the concours d elegance.
Previous long trips have netted 28.3 mpg at 79 mph, but with much less city driving.
Why did GM rate it the same as the 3.6L?
And the best thing about it was I had the cruise at 79-80. When I slowed to 70 for a 60 mph portion I was seeing 31-33 mpg on the DIC.
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