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I couldn't sleep this morning so looked at ELR listings for poops and giggles and came across this one for sale in IL with a moonroof!

I love moonroofs! I should say I really don't care at all about light coming in, but every car I've had that had a rear pop-up I've absolutely loved it for sucking the stale air out of the car . I think it really looks cool. In the pictures you can't see it too well, but it looks good whoever did it.

Anyone else got one? me personally, I'd be scared $Htle$$ that I'd have scratches all over the car as well as a ton of metal and who knows what else inside my lovely interior, all the while envisioning some dumbbell standing on my seats or something... I just can't see how those guys do that...:confused:

If I knew it would be perfect I'd probably go for one... but for me it kinda reminds me of aftermarket car stereos. I know a guy who used to do that and the stories he told me were like ghastly - made me think I would never take a nice car to an aftermarket stereo place.

While I certainly love the thought of a moonroof/sunroof I did read that over 200 deaths a year are from ejection in accidents, not counting James Bond ejector seats in Goldfinger. And over 1400 in other injuries...ugh...
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I just realized that if the car sold you couldn't view the pics from Cargurus so here's the best pics
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Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Personal luxury car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood
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Ha! I didn't even notice the fat-ass steering wheel cover. Looks like an airbag could come out of the outer part too!

Looking at the inside shot, it looks well done. I'd do a rear pop up in a heartbeat if I could get a 100% guarantee that they wouldn't screw my car up, but I'm just too scared that someone would damage something. I just don't see how those guys can do that on a finished car. I could care less if it's power, just coming open like 2" in the back couldn't take too much effort... Regardless, I think it looks sharp...
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