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Moonroof wind noise

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This doesn't seem to qualify as an appearance or performance mod, so I hope this is the right place to post for help. My 08 CTS has an aftermarket moonroof that the prior owner had installed. It's a nice feature and all, but the wind noise at 45+mph is just not acceptable. It sounds like having a window that is slightly-open ('cracked') all the time. The roof has no leaks, and the seal seems to be in great condition. The glass seems thick enough, but I'm no expert in that regard. I've dealt with it until now, but I'm looking to finally fix the only thing that bothers me about my great car. Any ideas on how to quiet this noise down? Thanks!
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Yes, I suppose the question is for a matter that is much more general than the specific aims of the forum. Calling an installer is a great idea. After searching around, I'm also considering trying out a deflector visor. Thank you for your reply, and I will do my best to discover a solution :)
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The noise kinda seems to be coming from the center of the roof, but it's kinda hard to tell. I have never had any leaking problems during rain or washing, but I suppose it could still be some kind of seal problem.
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I'm 99% sure it is an aerodynamic problem. There is no hissing or whistling, and it is more like having the window open an inch or two. Not quite the same, as it doesn't sound like air is getting in, but a similar wind noise. The curvature of the roof puts the air flow pretty much blasting straight into the sunroof glass, which is probably what I'm hearing. [btw the seals are in fine condition, and not old/dry like they look in the picture -- that white stuff is tree pollen from last weekend that I haven't washed out yet] I have a bigger issue to worry about now, but it sounds like I need to eventually talk to a specialty shop about noise dampening via new glass or some kind of lining. I'm just not that keen on the double-sided tape that is required to fit a deflector, as I would always be worried about it flying off -- I know the 3M Extreme would be good to replace whatever crap comes on it, but I'm not sure about even the best tape holding up to that much consistent pressure. Plus, the deflector might not even do any good. I truly thank you all for helping get some ideas out. I'll update if I am able to come up with a solution
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