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Moonroof wind noise

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This doesn't seem to qualify as an appearance or performance mod, so I hope this is the right place to post for help. My 08 CTS has an aftermarket moonroof that the prior owner had installed. It's a nice feature and all, but the wind noise at 45+mph is just not acceptable. It sounds like having a window that is slightly-open ('cracked') all the time. The roof has no leaks, and the seal seems to be in great condition. The glass seems thick enough, but I'm no expert in that regard. I've dealt with it until now, but I'm looking to finally fix the only thing that bothers me about my great car. Any ideas on how to quiet this noise down? Thanks!
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Since this is an aftermarket moonroof, It may be very difficult to troubleshoot it here because it did not come with your car. While I have a Pano-moonroof, it is stock... It could be a issue with the way the aftermarket moonroof was installed. I would imagine it involves cutting a large portion of the roof and praying all the measurements are correct. I would try to ask a place that installs aftermarket moonroofs if they can trouble shoot it. This is kind of like getting an aftermarket heated steering wheel in your car and then asking CTS owners why it is not working.

Good luck!
As tinman mentioned, a deflector may help. I have a feeling you may just need a better seal in between the glass and the roof. Just out of curiosity, could you post pics? I have never seen an aftermarket sunroof and it would be interesting to see how they adapted one to the CTS (controls etc) and what size they went for.
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