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Mirrors with the turn signals!

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Has anyone seen those Cadillacs ridin slabs with the signal mirrors? I think those cars look real hot wit them. Can anyone tell me where can I get a set made for my 1998 SLS!! :hmm:
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Purchase the left and right mirror glass for a 2003 to 2005 Deville. The glass will fit your (1998 to 2004) Seville mirror housing perfectly. Simply tap in to the vehicle turn signal wiring to power up the mirror LEDs.

Been there, done that.
And the wiring for the left and right turn signals is on the right side of the car isn't it Jim?
Correct. Here's a little more information.

What I did not speak to was the need to fabricate a connector. Easy enough for anyone with an electrical junkbox.
If the mirror glass is the same shape and size as the '98+ Seville, I don't see why not.
Thanks for all the suggestions fellas, but I was talking about the signal mirrors like on a Mercedes Benz
You did say Mercedes Benz in your first post.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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