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I'm a new member on the forum (see my post in the introductions section), and I have a couple of minor problems with my car here in the UK. Here goes...

The car is a 1987 Fleetwood Brougham D'Elegance, with the 305ci V8 (carburetttor).

1) The opera lights do not work. I've found a voltage invertor in the boot, and given it's labeled 110 Volts, I have left well alone. The wiring is in good condition, and there are no loose connections that I can see, either on the invertor or the lamp units.

What's likely to be causing this problem, and can you recommend a supplier with international shipping for the parts?

2) Back-up (reversing) lamps. In the UK, we are by law required to have amber turn signals, so on arrival in this country the vehicle's back-up lamps were converted to turn signals. I am now planning to re-instate these as back-up lamps but there is one problem - after shifting from reverse into a forward gear, sometimes the lamps remain on. I assume that this is a problem with the switch on the steering column?

How easy is it to rectify this problem, and again, can anyone locate a supplier with international shipping?

Thanks for your help,
London, UK
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