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So there is a video that potentially answers my question but I'm trying to get some confirmation before ordering 600$ worth of the wrong tire.

Linked at the exact time the tire profile is shown.

I have a set of 17x10 inch RT-S S71 Welds that currently have a set of Hoosiers on them that came with the car when I bought it. Id like to put a set of MT ET S/S on them instead for a bit more usable tire and just keep touring tires on my stock rims. Will a set of 305/45/17s fit without me having to do anything to the fenders? I am absolutely against having to do anything for fitment so Im looking for the biggest sticky tire I can get under there for stock ride height without having to touch anything. The car I linked in the video is using the exact tire I'm considering but I cant tell if the fenders are rolled or anything- they dont look it but I want to make sure.
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