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Meet and greet

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Well, I have been on the site quite a bit in the last few months. I am new to the site and dont know any of you. Most members have "site names". I thought maybe I would start a thread for us newer people to get to know other members. I also like the idea of having a possible sticky thread of members location and a contact number for other members to call if they get stranded in a certain area. I have seen it done on other forums I have been on and I have called another member I didnt really know when I was stranded and got quick help and was back on the road. I have also helped another member passing through. Anyways, thought I would start one. Feel free to either add your info or voice an opinion if this is a bad idea lol.

Name: Blayne Byrne
Location: Sudbury Ontario Canada, Town Of&state=MA#e37432dc1db7949ee5df5045
Occupation: Engineer at CN Rail. I drive freight trains. Previously a heavy equipment mechanic.
Vehicles: 2006 CTS sport package, 2003 Mini Cooper S, 2005 Heavily modded Jeep TJ
Contact: [email protected]
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Teedoe said:
I like the idea but I think folks are skeptical of putting their info here for any and everybody to see
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