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Me v. 94 Grand Prix Coupe

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I raced one of these tonight. 0-55, I didnt punch it off the line, but I did after I saw he was going fast. By 55, he was at my back bumper. I dont know what kind of motor it was. the base 3.1 in these cars arent too bad for acceleration, my buddy test drove one last year. It certainly was a lot faster than the 3.1 in my mom's lumina. If it was the 3.1 motor, im happy, if it was the 3.4 im ecstatic! It looked just like this one, but it had the white lacy wheels instead of these 5 spoke ones

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I've got a distinct feeling it was the 3.1. Your car would run maybe a low-mid 16 probably, my friends 3100 Corsica ran a low 16 (after altitude correction.)

Still, good kill.
I've got a 95 Grand Prix coupe with 3.1 and a 91 Seville with the 4.9, the Caddy would walk all over my grand prix!!!!
cool! yeah, me and my friend test drove a '94 GP SE coupe last year, and it was surprisingly quick for 160hp! My dad's '97 Lumina has the same 3.1 with the same 160 hp, and it felt like a dog compared to the Grand Prix. The Lumina is 3360 lbs and the Grand Prix is 3275. I think the Grand Prix is faster probably because of more aggressive gearing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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