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Mcgaughy's 2/3 Deluxe Drop Kit installation instructions?

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I recently picked up a lightly used Mcgaughy's 2/3 Deluxe drop kit for my 06 Escalade but it did not come with an installation manual. I tried contacting Mcgaughys directly but they would not send/sell me one unless I purchased a new kit. Does anyone have or know where I can get a copy of one so that I can install this kit myself? Thanks in advance.
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Here's a site I looked up. It should be similar. If not do a search on google , like this one. Hope it helps.
yeah, I had already seen that one but i needed one that was a little more specific. One thing in particular I was looking for the diagram of how to bend the air ride sensors. Id also like to get one so I can check to see if im missing any parts. I know im missing one of the 1/2" black plates that holds on the shock extendors but im having one made.
N eed them too.I just had mine installed yesterday(03) and I think they neglected to bend the sensor bars on mine. When I was riding home it seemed to have a little hop to it as well as I noticed when I turn the truck on, the autoride seems to stay on longer than usual. I am afaraid I am goignt to have to go back to the installer..he didnt put the instr. back in the box with my orig. parts.
Thanks! I didnt see those first two threads when I searched but I had already seen the other. These should be able to help me enough, probably wont need to the instructions now. But if someone has a hardcopy please let me know. Thanks for the help.
Great info....This place is better than going to any shop as far as info goes..
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