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Maybe I should just paint a bullseye on it ...

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I JUST finished repairing the damage from the last time it got hit only to find this this morning.

I'm hoping it will buff out.
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I'd be tickled with that on my car. 2 weeks after I bought my Deville some unknown driver rammed the same area as yours in a parking lot leaving a crease in the metal just left of the taillight. Next thing was wind blowing over a basketball hoop onto my passenger fender leaving a big dent. Rear bumper was creased when I was rear ended waiting at a stop light then a while later someone parked in my sloped driveway and when they got out their car rolled down and hit the same rear bumper area. Got a new rear bumper cover out of that one. I got a lot of paint and body experience but it would be nice if you could just buff out dents.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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