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Map light assembly

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So, I discovered a while back that my map light assembly (the one where the sun visors click into) was broken. I unclicked my sun visor and the map lights assy fell off the roof. :(

No big deal, I figured there's a 1986 Fleetwood in the wrecker. Different colour, but I can dye it to match my interior. So I went down there with my screwdriver and popped the visors out so I could remove the single screw and take it down... and it was broken where mine was. :rant2:

I figured there isn't much point to buying that one. I guess all of them will have this problem as the casting for the screw has a slit cut in it so you can attach the ground wire. It's a factory-made weak point that breaks fairly easily if you remove the visors a lot.

I tried contact cement to glue it back together, and that didn't work.

Does anyone know of any aftermarket replacements (that preferably are cast out of aluminum)?
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no i dont know of any aftermarket replacements. what interior color are you looking for? theres a cadillac dismantler about 20 miles from here and i can probably find and ship you one if you want
I was rummaging through my shed and found some resin. So, I decided to fibreglass reinforce the stupid little piece that keeps breaking.

Hopefully this will fix it... if not I'll have to take you up on that offer.
Wow, it seems like the fibreglass reinforcement worked. It's nice and tight to the roof and clicking the visors in it doesn't break it.

Thanks for the offer to go hunting at the wrecker though.
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