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Chuck Mallett does 40 vehicles or less a year
He reworks the engine and suspension
I have a 1999 Corvette Mallett 435 which means after his work the flywheel HP was increased to 435 which was about 100 HP more then a stock '99 C5 with LS1 engine

I bought it in 2000 and it had 750 miles on it
As you can see as to engine he touched about everything internal to beef it up but he uses mild CAMs to assure the car could pass smog testing and the PCM tune was lacking
Chuck was one of the test drivers when GM was designing the C5 Z06 Corvette and used that in how he decided on what to do with a Mallett conversion

He understood suspension better and properly made changes to lower the car, changed both sway bars, Penske race shocks and much wider wheels/tires

As to the OP of this thread as you see nothing is stock internal to engine and if there is any problem there is no way any dealer or insurance company could treat repairs as if stock GM engine and I would not repair in mixing GM parts with the non stock parts Mallett used

In the end I knew I was buying a almost new car that no longer had the GM warranty

Most of what seen below was what Mallett did which BTW had a price tag of just what he did added another $30,000 to the cars sale price


372 Cubic Inches (6.1 Liters) STROKED
Billet Steel 4340 Chromoly Crankshaft, Nitride Treated, Knife-Edge Aero Counter-Weights
Billet Steel 4340 Forged Chromoly H-Beam Connecting Rods
Forged Aluminum Lightweight Pistons w/ Swain Ceramic Anti-Friction and Heat-Barrier Coating
Custom Mallett-Spec. Billet Performance Roller Cam (gun-drilled)
Custom 4340 Chromoly Steel Pushrods
Custom High-Speed Valve Springs & Lightweight Retainers
Heads Custom High-Flow Ported/Polished
Carbon-Fiber Coil/Rocker Covers
High-Performance Exhaust System
Long Tubed Headers
LS6 Intake Manifold
LS1-Edit - Team ZR-1 custom PCM calibration
Donaldson AirFilter
Team ZR-1 Cold Airbox enclosure
Large Race Radiator
Oil Cooled Via Heat Exchanger
Team ZR-1 Transaxle and Transmission Cooler
3.73 Rear End Gear Ratio
Hand Assembly & Performance Testing
450 Rearwheel Horsepower @ 5800 RPM
440 Lb-Ft. Torque @ 4800 RPM

Z-51 Springs
Penske/Mallett Double Adjustable Indy-Style Shocks
Mallett-Designed Front & Rear Tubular Sway Bars
18" Twin 8-Spoke Forged Aluminum Wheels
KFP High-Performance Carbon-Kevlar Brake Pads
Lowered Ride Height (1.5")

Serial Number Plaque
Custom Kirban Aluminum Shifter w/ Mil-Spec. Anodized Hardcoat
Custom Mallett Logo Embroidery on Sports Seat Head Rest
5 Point Harness Bar
5 Point Harness belts

Mallett 435 Logo Body Graphics
Mallett Exclusive Forged Alloy 3-Piece Wheels
Front Wheels = 10X18 inches
Rear Wheels = 12X18 inches
Front Tires = 275/35/18
Rear Tires = 335/30/18
Tubbed 3" per side
Adjustable Rear Wing
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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