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make eng data and ECM coolant temp same number?

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Help car runinng rich ECM thinks coolant temp is 95 coolant temp is 214 What do I do now? I'm lost
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It sounds like a failing temperature sensor. The more resistance the flow of electricity encounters, the colder the computer thinks it is. If you were to jump the two terminals on the temp sensor plug, the computer would think its overheating.
replaced sensor have had crazy temp sensor issues recently
Are you looking at the vehicle computer data via the diagnostics mode?

If so....

Typically the computer data is displayed in different units. I think the IPC will display C.

A scan tool would show english units.

Your 214F is pretty close to 95C.

Here is a temperture calculator:

Logan Diagnostic
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but in diag. mode the prom ids are different the ECM 1020 the BCM 9236 Help still if not more confused!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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