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Magnetic ride control problem.

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was wondering if anyone know about this. I have a 2007 STS4 ISG I believe it is, as it has every option. Plus it's mountain laurel pearl pink. :) (former Mary Key car). Bought it for the G/F. When going over bumps, the rear end bottoms out. the front still feels fine. There are no codes and nothing comes up on the DIC, and I can see no leaks. Feels like the shocks don't work. could both have gone bad at once? Do they do that when they go bad? It doesn't even restrict me to 80MPH. I have 143.760 KM -89328.3 miles on it. And of course the warranty went out 2 months ago lol. Anyone have ideas? help would be much appreciated.
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My compressor went bad. It's actually pretty common after a hose fails. It overheats after running almost constantly. Luckily, the shocks were OK.

For the OP, check out the 'plumbing' to make sure it isn't something minor. A compressor should be a lot less than $800 installed from an auto re-cycling yard. Good luck if it's major. Members from north of the border report high prices. MRC shocks are spendy for all of us.

In the US, Mary Kay cars usually remain property of Cadillac and are repainted after their original service is over. You do have a rare car. They aren't cheap to maintain but they are exceptional cars.
Trust Chris to steer you right. It does sound like shocks but you might also have a leveling system issue. Too bad you didn't get a CPO or extended warranty. On a 'loaded' STS, I'm convinced they pay for themselves. They certainly did for my wife & I.

Good luck!
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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