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Magnetic ride control problem.

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was wondering if anyone know about this. I have a 2007 STS4 ISG I believe it is, as it has every option. Plus it's mountain laurel pearl pink. :) (former Mary Key car). Bought it for the G/F. When going over bumps, the rear end bottoms out. the front still feels fine. There are no codes and nothing comes up on the DIC, and I can see no leaks. Feels like the shocks don't work. could both have gone bad at once? Do they do that when they go bad? It doesn't even restrict me to 80MPH. I have 143.760 KM -89328.3 miles on it. And of course the warranty went out 2 months ago lol. Anyone have ideas? help would be much appreciated.
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the air system is integral to the shocks (magnetic or not, doesn't matter) ... and if the air bladders in the shocks no longer hold air the whole shock needs to be replaced

and yes it is for ride height


if the ride height is good (especially with weight in the back seat or trunk) then i would think that something is wrong with the MRC shocks themselves
compressors in the STS rarely go bad... heck, the MRC shocks rarely go bad
but i would at least expect the shocks to go bad eventually from wear
sounds like the shock itself ... the shock is what dampens the oscillation of the spring

have you looked to see if it has leaked fluid out?

that price isn't too bad for MRC shocks... they can get twice that price easily
if you want to PM me your VIN i can double check for you to make sure you're getting the correct part
Yeah if you weren't in Canada I would try and steal the sale away from GMPD but our company policy is to only ship within the US

good luck with your repairs


PS: have you had the codes pulled to see if there are any electrical faults that might point towards what is wrong?
i wonder if something else is worn out or broken

the ride height is normal? and can you hear the compressor come on if weight is added to the rear seats (or trunk)?
not being at the correct ride height will make it ride differently that's for sure ... not sure how much extra bounce you'd get but probably some

how many bounces do you get before it stops?
If the shock is worn out it will bottom out on itself (doesn't matter if the air bladder is blown out or not)
if that shock is bottoming out it's toast
usually the shock bladders leak
line leaks are rare unless the lines have been moved and get chaffed
1 - 9 of 26 Posts
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