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Magnetic ride control problem.

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was wondering if anyone know about this. I have a 2007 STS4 ISG I believe it is, as it has every option. Plus it's mountain laurel pearl pink. :) (former Mary Key car). Bought it for the G/F. When going over bumps, the rear end bottoms out. the front still feels fine. There are no codes and nothing comes up on the DIC, and I can see no leaks. Feels like the shocks don't work. could both have gone bad at once? Do they do that when they go bad? It doesn't even restrict me to 80MPH. I have 143.760 KM -89328.3 miles on it. And of course the warranty went out 2 months ago lol. Anyone have ideas? help would be much appreciated.
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Isn't the Air system just there to keep ride height? or would it let the car bounce up and hit down harder? I have the Magnetic shocks. I know I had to do that with my Deville when my compressor bought it. where did you pass your air line and filler valve stem?
With the luck I have with Air systems on Caddies, probably that is what let go. Well if it is, I'll do like I did to the others. New shocks and bypass line to fill 'em up myself.
not going to use anything but MRC shocks. it's just for the airbags on the shock I would use another airline and stem so I could fill it myself if the compressor is shot.
Ya they are bound to wear out. Hoping I can figure this out. Something let go. What? I don't know?
My compressor went bad. It's actually pretty common after a hose fails. It overheats after running almost constantly. Luckily, the shocks were OK.

For the OP, check out the 'plumbing' to make sure it isn't something minor. A compressor should be a lot less than $800 installed from an auto re-cycling yard. Good luck if it's major. Members from north of the border report high prices. MRC shocks are spendy for all of us.

In the US, Mary Kay cars usually remain property of Cadillac and are repainted after their original service is over. You do have a rare car. They aren't cheap to maintain but they are exceptional cars.
Well it's my 3rd Caddy with air ride that the Compressor let go, so good chance that is what is wrong. But since I'm not familiar with the MRC system I want to make sure. when I drive it it feels like there is nothing there but the spring. You hit a bump and the car keeps bouncing for a ways.
Ya good chance I will have to start looking around for one. I've had good luck with GMpartsdirect. I'm waiting fo confermation but looks like they sell the MRC shocks for 336 each for rear . and type in shock STS, w/variable time damping.but they call it variable time damping, would that be the same? they just E-mailed me and said it is the same part the part # is 15148390

Yes they do seam a high price but if that is the same part I can live with that price.
Yes I heard that Cadillac repaints them, I don't know how this one made it past? When I types in the vin at GM it was the only pink one with all these option made that year. I'm sure they are not cheap to maintain but the but the price was right. 15.000 was still under Cadillac warranty and had extended warranty....that ran out 2 months ago lol. But I do love the how it handles in the corners :)
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sounds like the shock itself ... the shock is what dampens the oscillation of the spring

have you looked to see if it has leaked fluid out?

that price isn't too bad for MRC shocks... they can get twice that price easily
Had it up on the rack.That's the odd part the shocks are dry. but the bags are deflated. going to try it with the car running. I do have a front one that is slightly wet but they're working fine lol. I E-Mailed them again to make sure that is the right MRC shock since they call it another name. It is the cheapest I have seen. but then I ordered a glove box door handle from them they wanted 24.99. at the dealer it was 96 and the one I got was better the the original one. so hope it's the right shock, becouse you are right they tend to be twice that.
Trust Chris to steer you right. It does sound like shocks but you might also have a leveling system issue. Too bad you didn't get a CPO or extended warranty. On a 'loaded' STS, I'm convinced they pay for themselves. They certainly did for my wife & I.

Good luck!
Yup The part # he gave me matches up with the one on the site I was on. and at 337 dollar's each I'd say that aint bad. I must be very unlucky if both went darn lol.
I had Extended warranty It ran out 2 months ago and i'm not paying the 4000+ for another one that's for sure I'll just put the money away in another account and have for when it breaks down. Once i have either my car or hers paid off i'm getting her another one and us the STS for summer fun only :)
Yeah if you weren't in Canada I would try and steal the sale away from GMPD but our company policy is to only ship within the US

good luck with your repairs


PS: have you had the codes pulled to see if there are any electrical faults that might point towards what is wrong?
Thanks. to bad you can only ship in US. I find a few companies that have that as their policy.
Thanks I'm going to need it lol
Yes I went to a shop and pulled the codes, no codes at all and the car isn't reduced to 80. it's so odd?
No I noticed the ride height is lower then it should be. well seams to be to me. I don't hear the compressor. and with it being -40 for the past while I'm waiting to get it in doors to check out back there.would the air bags not having air make it bounce? the shocks are dry.
not being at the correct ride height will make it ride differently that's for sure ... not sure how much extra bounce you'd get but probably some

how many bounces do you get before it stops?
Small bumps nothing big bumps I can get 3 or 4 bounces. and when it comes down it comes down hard.
If the shock is worn out it will bottom out on itself (doesn't matter if the air bladder is blown out or not)
if that shock is bottoming out it's toast
Ya figured as much. Just I find it odd that it would all go at once. It drove so great, then this. next week on my days off i'm bringing it in a shop to check it out. I'm hoping it's just a blown air line lol. but I don't think I will be that lucky lol.
usually the shock bladders leak
line leaks are rare unless the lines have been moved and get chaffed
Ya with my other 2 it was the shock ,then the compressor gave up the ghost.And with these you can't just get the bladder you have to get the whole shock :(
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