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Magic LED Taillights for 02-06 Escalade???

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Does anyone have any info on Magic brand LED tail lamps for the 02-06 Escalade. Website, or any info where I can obtain installation instructions?

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I just did some more reseach...The manufacturer is Magic Automotive Group. They were based in California. Looks to be out of business. Does anyone have these taillights? I really need the install instructions.

If anyone thinks they can help me with install if I take pics of the lights that would be a HUGE help.

I can't figure out the connections. There are 2 separate boxes with connections aside from the led tail light housing. I can take pics if you would be willing to help.
I bought some led lights and ran into the same issue.

Heres what you have to do if you look on the back of the Tailight itself there will be a connection which is the same as the one on the two seperate black boxes you have . Unpug it then plug the black box's connections into it. it will make it where the blk box plugs into the taillight and then the plugs that actually go into your lights plug into the the left open connector on the black boxes cables.

Next step is installing to your truck lights. The stp tail lamp goes into the middle socket or the brown factory socket or at least mines was brown then the bearing plug goes in the top grey light socket this will be the longest one.

Make sure you plug them in so the labels are facing up, if you plug them in upside down then you will blow the fuse under the hood its a 10A fuse just in case for some reason your tailights dont work after attempting to install .

he black box should have 3m sticky tape I stuck mine on the bottom of the talight housing so you could not see it. then of course you have to put the reverse light in the bottom home on the housing this will be the shortest factory socket and u will reuse the bulb unless you uograde it to led or etc.

Now on my esv I know there was one small light bulb that the taillight hosuing did not have a place for I just put it in the quarter panel with the other wires and left the bulb in. At night it looks cool because its glowing underneath your led light. If oyu have any other questions you can let me know and I'll gove you my # and walk you thru it.
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OK...I read all your directions, but the lights seem to be backwards or something.

When I plug everything up and leave the lights off they work fine by lighting up when i depress the brake. BUT when I turn the lights on the right tailight lights up looking like it is in the depress brake stage and the left does not. Then when I depress the brake the left lamp does light up and the right lamp doesn't do anything.

Do I have something screwed up?
Ok Just call me and I will walk you thru it something must be backwards
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