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Maggie prices?

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How much have people been paying for there Maggie's if you don't mind me asking.
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6k for satin finish 7k for chrome finish
Black Beast said:
6k for satin finish 7k for chrome finish
Which is why I'm hoping a procharger kit is offered, should be 4 or 5 for a complete kit. No worries about an extra water pump and greatly cut down on the heat soak.
Agree with Heavymetals.

It's fairly easy to get a deal on a Maggie (group buy), to say nothing about finding someone to install the maggie for you and purchasing it though them.

Todd at Dynopro also often offers super deals on maggies and installation as well. :)
now that the LS2 is the engine of choice, will that make the LS6 versions cheaper or more expensive?

I can install it I just thought they were a little high, I would almost drop it off at lingenfelter for $20g's more.
For just the maggie, I believe it's fairly easy to get one ~$5,500. It's definitley possible to get it ~$5,000, but that requires a little more time and research. :)
You can get a Maggie for $5,000 - just shop around.

GT04CTS-V said:
You can get a Maggie for $5,000 - just shop around.

Is that for the polished one?
I couldn't get a polished one for 5k and I looked a lot!:banghead:

(and I bought two!)

Saving the sales tax justified the extra cost for the polished option though.

By the way, it is the only way to go. :highfive:

The looks on the faces of people when you pop the hood........

PRICELESS :histeric: :lildevil:
Joey'sVee said:
Is that for the polished one?
Nope, not for the polished Maggie.

Hey GT,

Would you mind sharing who you bought through? Feel free to PM or email me [email protected]

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