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Maggie guys: I need balancer pin kit and intake tube.....???

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If any of you maggie guys still have the balancer pin kit(minus the the two dowel pins of course), i am in need of it for my installation....I also need an intake tube that comes with tha maggie.....If anyone has these and is willing to part with them please let me know. Thanks.:thumbsup:
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I know some of you self installers still have the kit.... You'r never gonna use it again so why not help a member out? Please!
I packed just about everything away in a box and stored it in my shed.

We leave tonight for a little R&R and will be home the weekend after the 4th.

If no one has been able to help you out, I'll rip into all the useless crap I've been hoarding out back and see if there is anything there.

Sorry that I can't be of better help.
I have mine in my dad's garage... Just not motivated to drive 30 mins to his house, find a box, package the 3 pounds of metal, then drive to the UPS store and ship it. Guess I'm (we're) just lazy..... :boring:
My pin kit in a box in the attic. I'll see if I can get at it tonight.
Anyone other then RONR and 2004CTSV have their kit from install available now????Please.....
1-800-Call-Maggie :confused:
1-800-call-maggie= $70

Figured since it was an unusable part after install someone would be willin to help out....
I looked and couldn't find it, musta tossed it ........sorry
I mailed my drill bushing and mounting bolt off to Venomous yesterday but I couldn't find the drill and reamer. Any of you guys who still have a kit (waiting to be installed) have the drill and reamer sizes? I'm assuming he can pick them up fairly cheap locally.
yeah, what he said!...........Thanks RONR!
Looking at my drill bit it is stamped a letter I but has been turned down to a smaller diameter for the first 1.75". For an off the shelf bit, these are the closest sizes just a tick smaller than the reamer.

Letter D 0.2460"
6.25-mm 0.2461"
6.3-mm 0.2480"

The reamer is a 0.2495" chucking reamer, straight flute, part # 20110 made by 21CM
Stealth: could i pursuade you in letting me use them? I'll send em back when i'm done. I'll be in need of that tune shortly also.
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