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Maggie Belt Squeak w/Pics - Help?!!

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Ok most know the used maggie blues i've been living. I still love it though! I hope this is the final problem. I sent the thing to magnuson for new jackshaft, bearings, etc.... I get it back and notice the belt is squeaking. I assumed it was because i got some coolant on the belt, so i just waited it out. It still squeaked so i tried belt dressing, this made things worse. Then i tried some silicone on the backside of the belt, this helped for about 30 mins. So tonight i cleaned every pulley with brake cleaner and bought a new belt, still has a squeak. After i finished screaming at it, i looked at it for quite a while. After getting the latest and greatest update to the maggie it appears the maggie pulley is about 1/2" closer to the firewall than the other pulleys. The squeaking is definitely on the backside of the belt, seems to be the idler pulley between the maggie and the power steering. Any ideas on what could cause this? Is it possible they put the pulley on facing the wrong way? Think i can shim it out some? Any ideas will help, im definitely not wanting to uninstall and ship it back to magnuson for another 2 weeks without the V... (Tape measure was the best straight edge i could find)

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WTF! ya thats a problem!And I doubt it,The new jackshaft must have a deeper land area.Take a pic without the tape in the way,measure the pully width.It looks to be on right,can you see the etching on the pully?
Your pully is on correct,I can't explain the misalignment.My best guess is your pully has a different offset on the inner side than what you need.I can't believe your not throwing that belt off.
RP -

you sure that pulley is on correct? Flipping it around might just net the proper alignment. I can't tell from the pics.

Try removing the jackshaft pulley and reinstall, using only enough torque to line it up with the idler pulley. Just a thought. And why is it sticking out on the front?
Thanks for all of the thoughts. The offset on the pulley is what makes me think it is on backwards. Seems like if i flip it, it may not be as bad. Maybe i should just put the 2.6 back on! What confuses me is the idler pulley that is part of the maggie lines up with the other pulleys just fine. How could it leave magnuson without them seeing the difference, especially since they supposedly test them before they leave? I think i'll take it to a shop and have them pull it. Last time i rented/borrowed a puller from autozone and it made me nervous. If i just backed it off some don't you think it would eventually creep its way towards the firewall again except this time the nut would come loose as well? I emailed David at Magnuson, it will be interesting to hear what he has to say. Here are some more pics

and here's my other project...almost finished, boost gauge comes tomorrow. Basal wood and bondo!

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The pulley is a tapered shaft and very hard to put on the wrong way.

Not to say that it couldn't be done, but I would:

1. Try a new belt.

2. Get a real straight edge and lay it against three pulleys at a time if you think it is misaligned.

3. If it is misaligned, the belt will jump onto the edge of the pulley if you gas it (sometimes).

4. Maybe the shaft was installed backwards.:confused:
Ken, do you notice any black powder from the belt rubbing?

Also, how is the idler pulley itself lubricated? To me, "squeaking" has an intermittent character to it and may indicate a lack of lubrication between the moving parts (hub and shaft). Is there a way to get a little grease or oil of some kind in there to see if that cures it if only temporarily? Just a thought ...
Looks like it's on backwards.
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Ken, this is a bit unrelated, but ironically enough my car has been in the shop since Monday with a intermittent squeak that started a few weeks ago (i posted a thread about it a while back). They've traced it back (after replacing the belt, etc) to a bad idler pulley. They replaced the idler pulley yesterday, and the squeak/rattle is now gone. The noise cooincided with the RPMs as well. Not sure this has anything to do with your noise, but it was strange that I had a very similar noise, but with no Maggie...
I have tried 2 belts already. The first belt i bought about 3 weeks ago, and i got a new one last night. The idler pulley also only has about 3 weeks of driving on it since it is a whole new assembly. The squeaking/squealing is definitely coming from something on the backside of the belt. I sprayed the backside of the belt with silicone and the squealing stops briefly. I put my "old" belt back on the car this morning and since i cleaned all the pulleys last night the squealing was pretty bad. After getting off the highway i could smell a slight burnt rubber smell so i really dont think it's any of the bearings or tensioner. It also did not squeal before i had the maggie rebuilt, i just had the loud bad bearing noise instead. Looks like i traded one noise for another. Planning on going to the track at the end of June so i definitely need to get this resolved soon. Tonight i'll pull the pulley and see if it can be turned around. I hope to hear from David at Magnuson today, i'll let you guys know what he says...Thanks for all suggestions/opinions!
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David at Magnuson isnt in today and the other guy is on vacation. A guy named Tim grabbed a tech and showed him the pics. He too seems to think the pulley just needs to be turned around. Guess for whatever reason on mine the etching faces the firewall now... I'll give it try tonight, thanks again for the feedback
So, you don't have to send it back to have them do it? Good news!

BTW, I've talked to Tim a few times ... very helpful guy.
BTW, I've talked to Tim a few times ... very helpful guy.
Tim was great. You could tell he is more on the sales side of things rather than the technical side, but he called me like 4 times and really tracked down someone that could help. Other than installing pulleys on backwards occasionally, that place is great!
Tim was great. You could tell he is more on the sales side of things rather than the technical side, but he called me like 4 times and really tracked down someone that could help. Other than installing pulleys on backwards occasionally, that place is great!
If your pully is on backwards so is mine:bomb: No squeaks here,no belt misalignment
If your pully is on backwards so is mine ...
Any hitmen in california looking for work?!!! So i flipped the pulley and the squealing is worse. The belt is now actually split a bit. To make things more difficult for me the new jackshaft does not have a flat spot to use a second wrench to tighten or loosen the pulley, so i bought one of those wrenches with the rubber strap and it worked great. At this point im not a happy camper. Three things are for sure, I am not paying for a 3rd belt, i am not paying for another pulley, and i am not sending the whole damn thing back at my expense. Thinking of taking it to a local shop and let them bill magnuson. It should never have left their shop with 2 pulleys misaligned. This has cost me 3 evenings of time and about $150 in renting pulley pullers, belts, and new wrenches. I think i've done my share of labor. Now i cant get the pulley to go back to the way it was this morning. This sucks.

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You bet, that sucks.

Looks like the pulley was on the right way in the first place.

I would not run that belt anymore.

If it shreds it tears the crap out of the hood liner. :banghead:
I think the land area on the jack shaft is ****ered,your pully was not on backwards.I have my 3.0 pully in hand,do you want me to measure the depth of land area that is recessed tomorrow?When you had the pully off did you pay attention,was there even a shoulder on the jack shaft?
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