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M5... Complete with Soccer Mom package.

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Looks like well be getting an M5 Variant on our shores here pretty soon, obviously BMW will not be outdone by Mercedes' equally cool E55 AMG Sportwagon.
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Damn Damn Damn Damn, I have the 545 Touring! I wish that had been out a few months back when i got the 5!

Looks nice too.
I don't like it. I think it is ugly. Sorry!
I actually like that a lot more than the sedan. Sleek, understated goodness.
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Jesda said:
I actually like that a lot more than the sedan. Sleek, understated goodness.
It IS much nicer than the Sedan, thats why i bought one, the sedans rear quater panel is too big, and makes the rear wheel look tiny.

Damn Bangle, Bring back the good old 540i days....

I HATE car thiefs!

(BTW that isnt mine, it was identical though)
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Never cared for wagons, even in the '70's, and that's no exception I'm afraid....

I'll take the sedan, or a 4 by over a wagon..
sorry but i got distracted by the 997 Turbo article...what were you saying?


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A wolf in sheeps clothes...

I like the monster wagon concept like the 300 and Magnum: space racer?

But the BMW is not to my taste :)

I have always had a soft spot for 5 series wagons.....although I personally don't want to own one as my daily driver. (it makes me feel kinda soccer mom)

Also, most wagons I have encountered are never totally tight/quiet/rattleproof ....the rear compartment is just too large (acoustic chamber) structurally its weaker, and its a matter of time before rattles and squeaks start showing up IMHO.

That being said I am currently unable to convice my mom not to plop down $70G's on a Volvo XC70 wagon......(yeah its expensive in Japan).....wagon folks are a different breed maybe.
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*cough* Magnum SRT-8 *cough* oh sorry BMwhat now??

sorry i cant help myself today.....:cookoo:
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