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I’m surprised by the minimal changes that are made as orders formally open up. Outside of AWD, there doesn’t appear to be much new / added. No mention of HUD? In fact, the AWD model goes backwards in home charging speed, wheels, lift gate and door sill. Maybe those things aren’t important but it’s curious that the RWD model features more options than the AWD.
I was expecting the AWD to have better features. Even the mirror camera is missing, and this is one of many features the GM top end (Camaro 2SS) vehicles have. I thought moving from Chevy to Cadillac I would see all the features; better ride, interior, exterior, and more options as standard equipment. I guess to keep the price low they are holding back features to offset the price of the additional "engine" in these initial orders.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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