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Deliveries have resumed as of last week.

2024 Info Now Coming January (2023)
*Previously Dec 2022

Looks like additional units will be converted to 2024. More than first thought. 2023 Production numbers get smaller.

We could see 2024 LYRIQ production start February 2023

LYRIQ training @ Indianapolis Motor Speedway was yesterday. 94mph was the fastest i went in the LYRIQ. All Smiles. The handling was the most impressive. Really got to push the vehicle. Tires chirping away through the turns. Trust me, you will be blown away. Love the one pedal driving. Google Assistant is very impressive when you start using it.

Fun Fact. Cadillac went through 200 different wheel / tire designs before settling on what they came up with for LYRIQ. The attention to detail on this and other parts of the LYRIQ make it stand out from the competitors.

Check our IG or TikTok for a CT5-V BW / Hot Lap Video at IMS :)
Thanks for the update. The more the time pass, cadillac is getting more secretive (less communicative on the plans) Its really frustrating
1 - 1 of 38 Posts