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Allocation - Overall Volume #'s not released. Based on XT Sales + EV Registrations / Local Area

Debut Edition Delivery Starts Summer 2022.

If I were not install a home charger as of yet. Good things coming. (All We Can Say For Now)

*Handraisers / Hot Leads for need to enroll in SMS texts by May12th to receive early access to LYRIQ ordering.

Customer Journey For Ordering:
1 / Initiates order
2 Pick RWD/AWD
3 Pick Preferred Dealer
4 $100 Payment
5 Order Submitted
Thank you for the info. Do you know if we can order more than one vehicle? I want to put a deposit down for two dealerships to just give myself a better chance at getting the vehicle. Not sure of the allocation for both dealers.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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