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LYRIQ Update 2/1

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Starting 2/9 We will beging converting orders from 2023 to 2024. This is for customers who currently have a 2023 LYRIQ Sold Retail Order in Order Workbench. These customers came from the connected showroom online experience and were converted to an Sold Retail Order in Order Workbench.

Each customer has been assigned a unique, personalized link that will allow them to start the ordering process by selecting their preferred LYRIQ configuration online before finalizing their order with their dealer representative.

Links active 2/9 and are single use.

Observation.....Media Day at the Chicago Auto Show is February 9-10th. Lyriq is set for a reveal and looks to be the only vehicle at the show for Cadillac. Can only assume we will finally get official AWD specs at this time.
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How much time do us "2023 LYRIQ Sold Retail Order in Order Workbench" customers have to complete our "selecting their preferred LYRIQ configuration online"? Should we come pre-loaded and spring into action when tasked or do we have a few days after tasked to think about which Nappa Leather color we want?
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