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Luggage rack

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Does anyone know where to get the right front passenger side luggage rack replacement part from used or new? I found 1 but its $125 for the 1 piece! The piece is the painted portion if you look at it they just clip in and must have just fell out maybe when i took it through the car wash!!

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I have had the same problem. I own a 2002 Escalade, and around September of last year, I noticed that the forward fairing ahead of the stainless steel side piece on the right hand side was missing. I never heard it come off, so I assumed that it was lost along the road somewhere. The mounting pin was still there, and so was the steel flex washer that holds it on. The molding must have cracked from temperature excursions, and finally gave up.
I went to my local Cadillac dealer, who looked it up, and discovered that the 2002 part is no longer supported by Cadillac, but managed to locate one at another dealer in another part of the country.
He ordered it, and it was delivered about three or four days later, at a cost of about $43.00 as I recall. It sure wasn't $125.00, as you indicated.
Are we talking about the same part?

The fairing comes flat black, as molded, so I had to paint it to match using PPG DCC acrylic urethane enamel....

Check around and see if another dealer can help you out.
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Thanks for the info maybe that was for the whole set-up, i'll give them a call.
its probably 43$ unpainted and $125 painted ....
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