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Lt1 oil leak, rear intake seal?

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So i have an oil leak on my -95 fw, afaik it started after the last oil change. Drivers side cat, oil filter and the cover behind the oil pan is dripping slowly when the car is running.

To my understanding this could be rear intake, oil pressure sensor or head cover gasket. With rear intake the most probable cause. À lot of dirt but it also feels like quite fresh oil when i reach Down behind the intake.

I Will begin looking into this tomorrow Any suggestions for things to look out for or Any other possible causes for rear oil leak?
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Thanks for the input! I'll look for that tomorrow when i Jack the car up. It'd match With something happened when i changed the oil filter also the first single drop i saw was on the oil filter.
Update, you were correct fleetwoodguy! the oil is coming from where the filter adaptor meets the engine block.

I also took à closer look behind the intake and it sure could use à reseal but I'll leave it for now since it's only slightly oiled behind and it also feels like mostly à layer of old dirt and just a tad oil. Thanks!
Luckily my local gm parts dealer had the two piece kit on the shelf. I also got new washers for the oil lines so now I'm set for a dirty weekend with my fw, fsm and also à torque wrench. Just got to get the razor blades. :)
I'll throw in à small update if someone reads this and is about to do the same operation.

Get some gasket remover too, the gasket was à real pita to remove. Even with the remover, but with only razor blades I would never have gotten it off. Hard as rock. But now the car isn't leaking anymore, quite à quick fix except for the gasket which took me half à day to slowly tear down.

[Edit] gasket remover + eye = do not.
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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