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To remove the rear springs, disconnect both sides of the swaybar, both shocks at their lower mounting points, and loosen the rear cradle bolts a fair amount (don't have to remove them). Then you can push down on the control arms a little if you have to and pull out the rear springs. Removing the links at either the swaybar end or the control arm end on both sides gives you a lot of wiggle room. Dunno what to say about drilling the swaybar. I put the car on ramps and was able to manipulate the stock endlinks rather easily, but I wasn't trying to drill anything. I don't know if people say to put the Z06 links on the rear as well, but the Z06 links are the same length as the rear stock V swaybar links, 3.5" center to center.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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