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re: the rear spring bottom mount- i's a aluminum piece with the rubber isolator. Did yours (this question is for those who have installed as well) fit all the way down into the metal frame hole to the edge of the ring, or did they go in sort of halfway and allow a swivel type movement. 1a- Did you guys leave the lower rubber spring isolator from the stock setup in or remove it?.. Before I raised the rear of my car back up, the spring just kind of sat there crooked. I realize it trued up when I lowered the car back down. It also made a bang noise
My GC bottom rear spring perch sits in the metal frame hole just like your does. It doesn't stay in there very well at all and can move around slightly. Some advice, whenever I jack up the back end of my car and am getting ready to lower it down, I always make sure to line up the springs by hand (make sure they are perfectly straight and centered) so that they seat correctly when the car gets lowered to the ground.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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